How To

To avoid damaging the Kork, please read the instructions carefully or watch the Video before using the Kork™ Case.

Video - How to correctly put on the Kork™ Case

Step 1

• Insert bottom of iPad by sliding it into the low end of the Kork as shown.

• Make sure it is pressed down as far as possible, and that there is no gap between the Pad and the lower end of the Kork Case.

Step 2

• Bend the top corners of the Kork back and outward, now gently press the the iPads corners down.

• To avoid damage to the Kork walls, make sure you bend the Kork outward when pressing the iPad in. It should slip snugly into place.

Step 3

• Finally, secure the iPad by pressing down on all four corners of the iPad.

• To remove the iPad, simply press the top corners of the Kork Case out and back as in step 2.