How to attach the StickyStrap™ in landscape mode:

1 - Attach the bottom sucker to the device as shown. Press in center of sucker to attach.
2 - Fold the other sucker on top of the first and press down to attach the two suckers.

Now, simply flip your attached device up to the left. Your StickyStrap™ is now in low-angle landscape position. Easy!

Note: To adjust the viewing angle, place the 1st sucker centered, more to the left or right on the back of your device.

How to stand the StickyStrap™ in portrait mode:

1 - Attach the top sucker to the middle of the back of your device.
2 - Attach the lower sucker to a smooth surface where you want it to stand
3 - Sit back and enjoy!


  To quickly switch from Portrait to Landscape