Kork™ 2 for iPad 2

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Kork™ 2 for iPad 2

Brings you all the well known Kork features:

  • Protects your iPad 2
  • Easy access to all Buttons and Inputs 
  • Ergonomic Natural Shape and Feel 
  • Angled Audio Output for Front Projected Sound 
  • Larger Dock Connection Extra Space for Connectors 
  • Extra Space for Bigger Jack Input 
  • Angled Mic. Wall for User Directed Sound Caption 
  • Very Light Weight

New Kork 2 Features:

  • Even Thinner and Lighter.

  • Integrates the Apple Smart Cover - gives all-around protection for your iPad.

  • Tray-mode - improved reading, viewing and working positions with the Apple Smart Cover.

  • Audio-Box Natural sound amplifier, you will be amazed by the deeper and richer quality of the sound.

  • Camera hole makes Photography and FaceTime so much more fun.

  • Flat screen Mode - allows the Smart Cover to fold away while still attatched.

  • Shade Mode - Read eBooks in the Sun without the glare.
  • Kork is now a complete "Swiss Army Knife" for your iPad, making your iPad truly mobile - no need for additional covers or cases

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  • Kork 2 Natural Protection for iPad 2